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Registering a new domain name is very simple, and should be without false claims such Only 1 Dollar to Register a Domain, such as godaddy has previousy done, misleadleading the pubic into 'thinking' that was the Total fee!

This companies computer services began in 1994 with the term World Wide Web, yet to most of the world, being unheard of. Back in the older days of extremely slow modem phone line dial up connections(of which has been a 'past service item here as well'), before WOKE Issues were being Pushed Onto People (this is a Private and ANTI-WOKE Company with policy set, explained in
Terms Of Service and when the 'www' was not yet barley known of, while BBS(bulliten board system), systems were the true computer gurus Fun and Entertainment, along with great games like DOOM and Duke Nuke'Em! Over 20 years later, this company has adjusted to keep up with the current times. Though no longer offering 28k old dial up internet access, it offers many more services both paid for and free such as free usenet server access where you read news, get tech. support, evaluate music/games. The voip section allows anyone internationally to access the unlimited free VOIP video phone services and talk, text and video comunicate with each other over their cell phones or by computers voip access with the internet. There are a lot more services offered now and the current favorite is allowing people to quickly, easily and at honest rates, register, transfer, renew and search for currently available domain names. Terms Of Service

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