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Register for High Quality VOIP Telephone Service Only $10* per month! No contracts, no rate hikes, no early termination fees, Just Clear Clean Low Cost, High Quality Services! Simply plug in your regular phone line, or crank up your computer/cell phone, and start calling!

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It is important to fill out the below information accurately for E911 service.

Keep your old phone number, or add a new phone line! Everything you expect, 3 way calling, callerid, unlimited SMS and much more etc.. Use your current telephone. Use an IPhone, Android for calls or a Two line phone router will be provided! No contracts. International/Nation Wide Clear Calls, Free Text & Video Conferencing Softwares Included Free Compatible for, Smartphone('s) and Computer('s)! You may sign up for a 'Free Account' Here

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Because We Wouldn't Like It, We Do Not, Give Out Any Of Your Information to anyone, for any reason!

Free 2AlienEyes.com VOIP Services, Does Not Support 911/E911 for 'free' account users. Existing customers can expect to have thier previous services renewed, respecting and upgrading their services at no extra charges. All above feilds Must be complete and accurate to prevent services inturruptions. For Any questions or if help needed please CONTACT us, or Log Into your control panel and submit a ticket.